Seniors Relocation

Removals are always very diverse. Sometimes the transport consists of only a few pieces of furniture, whereas sometimes the entire household effects have to be moved. It goes without saying that, regardless of the size or quantity of the transport, you want the moving to run smoothly. Your (valuable) belongings should never be damaged during transport. Therefore, this transport must be carried out professionally. Through years of experience, Verhuizteam understands better than any other that this can be very difficult for seniors. A lot of (heavy) objects have to be moved, especially for older people this can be a challenging task. Verhuizteam believes that everyone should be able to move without worries. Moreover, the transport of your household effects should not be an obstacle in the step to moving. That is exactly why we offer a moving service especially for seniors.

Our senior’s removal service

In order to completely take away your worries (or those of your parents, grandfather / grandmother, neighbour etc.) before, during and after the move, our authorized movers arrange your entire move. Our movers are highly qualified. With their years of experience our movers exactly know what seniors find important when moving. For example, it often happens that seniors have valuables with a lot of emotional value. A professional team of qualified movers who transport these belongings can be very convenient. We work with different equipment to move your entire household effects safely, such as special belts and supports in varied sizes or hard moving boxes. During transport we make sure that the entire transport is safe in our means of transport. We work with both large and small removal vans. This way you are assured of safe transport of your household effects and you can move without worries.

Furniture transport

Verhuizteam moves everything our customers want to move. We noticed seniors mostly want to move furniture and heavy kitchen equipment (such as a refrigerator), we offer a complete furniture transport service especially for seniors. If necessary, our qualified movers will dismantle your furniture before transport and assemble it again at the new location. Everything will be arranged so you do not have to worry about a thing.

Your seniors Moving team

Verhuizteam consists of experienced and qualified movers ready to fulfil your wishes. They are at your service seven days a week and are active throughout the Netherlands and Belgium. Wondering what the removal team can do for you? Request a free quote using the form below. Would you rather have more information at first? Please contact us by phone or e-mail. Our movers are ready for always ready for you!