Moving company Wassenaar

If you are looking for a moving company in Wassenaar, you have come to the right address. Het Verhuizteam in Wassenaar offers tailor-made removals to make sure you can move house quickly, easily and efficiently. We are based in Wassenaar, and we are able to move your possessions from Wassenaar to anywhere in the country or vice versa.

What do we offer?

Our moving company in Wassenaar focuses on moving both households and companies. Our clients’ wishes and preferences are what matters most to us. Het Verhuizteam in Wassenaar can take care of the entire removal from start to finish for you, but can also cater to more specific aspects of the removal process. Whatever you are looking for, we can help you.

Moving Company Wassenaar

Additional services we offer include a temporary storage facility for your belongings, disassembly and reassembly of your furniture and we can even help you pack and unpack your possessions. Finally, you can obviously ask us to move only your large and heavy items like refrigerators and closets.

Why choose moving company Het Verhuizteam in Wassenaar?

Moving company Het Verhuizteam in Wassenaar is a professional moving company that puts expertise and competence first. We only work with certified movers and professional equipment. We are also well aware of the risks of damage that are inherent in any removal. Of course our movers will take all necessary precautions to make sure your possessions stay safe. Should any damage to your items occur, please do report this to our movers because our moving company in Wassenaar has good insurance for any such incidents.

If you are planning to move house in the region of Wassenaar, you are welcome to ask for a non-binding price offer. We will contact you shortly and make an appointment with you. We will come to your house, assess what needs to be done and discuss your preferences. On the basis of that, we will offer you a matching price offer. After you have received this price offer, you can be sure that no additional costs will be charged afterwards by our moving company in Wassenaar.